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There are several factors that cause bad breath, including the food you eat, what you drink, and whether or not you’re a smoker. Bad breath is something you need to take seriously because it is a great cause for concern. Other than brushing your teeth every after meal, or regularly visiting your dentist, there are other quick alternatives to keeping you breath fresh all the time.

Our wide range of breath care products come in different flavors and packaging that can compliment your taste and preference. Some coffee drinkers prefer mints in IcyMint flavor or CinnaMints to help keep off the taste of coffee from the mouth.

Others prefer our SpearMint or WinterMint flavors that leave their breath smelling fresh for a longer time. Some mints are stronger than others and have a more lasting effect.

Whatever your flavor preference or packaging choice, its ultimate purpose is to keep your breath smelling fresh. Make sure though that after you munch on some mints, you also brush your teeth regularly. Mints are still considered candies after all.

OraLabs Breath Freshners are tested and proven to keep breath fresh longer. Order from available in stock items or create your own custom formula. Ask about Custom Containers and packaging.

Ice Drops

Ice Drops (3 ml)

The Liquid Breath Mint! One drop on the tongue for instant fresh breath.

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Ice Drop Mints

Dual Flip Mints (14g)

If you love breath mints you'll love these. In fact, you'll love it even more with your logo on it. Retail inspired packaging, dual flip top, sugar free and simply cool. Fat free - Sugar free - 0 calories - Fits into your pocket or purse.

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Ice Drops Spray

Spray Bottle (8.5 ml)

Don't get caught with bad breath, give yourself a quick pump of OraLabs' powerful breath spray and rejuvenate your breath. Instant fresh breath anywhere! Non-aerosol, concentrated, long lasting.

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Contract Pack