About OraLabs, Inc.


Founded in 1990, OraLabs, Inc. operates out of an OTC Drug, FDA registered and audited, 115,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Parker, Colorado.

OraLabs manufactures, markets, and distributes consumer products. Categories include Lip Care, Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs, Oral Care, Skin Care, Sun Care, Personal Care, Hand Sanitizer, & Hair Care. These and various other products are available under Contract Manufacturing.

These products are available under OraLabs National Brands, Store Brands and Crest/Scope, Oral B, Gillette Venus, & Pantene under license from the Procter & Gamble Company.


OraLabs manufactures for many well known brands as well as many specialty lines; all under strict confidentiality. OraLabs employs automation engineers to design and maintain our high speed automation enabling OraLabs to offer top quality products at extremely competitive price points. The package design department is experienced and familiar with assisting our customers with their packaging needs for any retail or promotional environment. The research and development department is a valuable asset and can formulate to meet your needs.

Quality Compliance

The Quality Assurance team monitors our strict cGMP production and processes through internal audits to ensure a strict regulatory compliant environment. Each and every process within OraLabs is directed through Standard Operating Procedures. Change Control is tightly managed by our Document Control Manager. All laboratory testing methods have been validated per CFR 21 regulations as well as all cleaning, filling and mixing procedures. We look forward to sharing our Quality System with your audit team. During any given 12 month period, Oralabs averages more than 20 regulatory and customer audits.


“At OraLabs, our legacy is rooted in innovation, quality, and commitment. Since our inception in 1990, we’ve navigated the ever-evolving landscape of personal care, always prioritizing our customers and the communities we serve. Our state-of-the-art facility in Parker, Colorado is more than just a manufacturing hub; it’s a testament to the tireless dedication of our team. Every product that bears our name is a reflection of our unwavering pursuit of excellence. As we continue our journey, we remain deeply humbled by the trust placed in us and infinitely grateful for every opportunity to enhance lives through our exceptional offerings.”

Gary Schlatter, CEO of OraLabs, Inc.



Filling Capabilities

We fill all lip balms with a proprietary, hot fill process that is second to none. Our filling process leaves a professional finish to the top that is unmatched. We offer the following standard options.

Lip Balm

  • Standard Stick
  • Mini Stick
  • Eurostick
  • Pot/Tin
  • Tube


  • Bottle/Tottle
  • Facestick

Hand Sanitizer

  • Bottle/Tottle
  • Spray Pen
  • Wipes

Breath Care

  • Drops Bottle
  • Pump Spray bottle
  • Credit Card Container
  • Dual Flip Container

Turnkey Capabilities

The package design department is experienced and familiar with assisting our customers with their packaging needs for any retail or promotional environment.

  • Graphic Design
  • Labeling
  • Blistering
  • Bagging
  • Shrink sleeves
  • Custom cartons
  • Displays


We offer a wide range of turnkey options. OraLabs offers top quality products at extremely competitive price points.

  • Centrally located Parker, CO
  • 115,000 sq. ft. building
  • 15 acre campus
  • 300 dedicated employees
  • FDA Registered – OTC Drug
  • FDA Audited
  • Customer Audited
  • 3rd Party Audited
  • Organic Certification
  • Kosher Certification

OraLabs Business Segments

National Brands
– OraLabs works with well known, quality brands on a global scale

Contract Manufacturing and Packaging
– Hot Filling, Liquid Filling, Tube Filling, Drop Filling, Pot Filling, Blister
Packing, POP Display Packaging, Packaging fulfillment. learn about contract packaging

Promotional Products / Premiums
– Hotel & Airline Amenities,
– Leashables by OraLabs – Short run customized products for premium and promotional giveaways

Private Label / Store Brand
– Lip Balm, Breath Freshener, Sunscreen, Hand Lotion, Hand Sanitizer