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Teaching Children Good Hygiene

Getting our kids to practice good hygiene habits now can save them from a lot of sick days in the future. Most children will only acknowledge that their hands need to be washed once they are visibly dirty (some won’t even then). Wash your hands often, and do it in front of your kids. Wash… Read more »

How Well Do You Know Your Sunscreen?

Repeated exposure to the sun will have its natural consequences for your skin. The best way to protect yourself is the proper use of sunscreen. Regardless of color, skin that is repeatedly exposed to the sun tends to become tough and thick. Beyond the middle years of adulthood, the results can be even more dramatic…. Read more »

Organic Lip Balm

OraLabs is proud to introduce our new Lip Organics line Lip Balm.  For over a year, we have worked ardently with the USDA and CCOF to achieve our organic certification.  Our facility, as well as our Lip Organics, have been certified in the process. What Does That Mean? ‘Organic’ refers to how food, or related… Read more »

Recent Spike in H1N1 cases

Health officials are carefully watching a spike in cases of the pandemic H1N1 flu in the Southeastern U.S. Georgia in particular is worrisome, with 40 people admitted to hospital for the flu last week — more than in any other state, according to Anne Schuchat, MD, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and… Read more »