Dry, Chapped Lips? Exfoliate them!

Exfoliating lips becomes necessary when lips become chapped or discolored. There are various reasons for dry chapped lips, out of which cold weather is one. Other reasons for chapped lips include, smoking, over-exposure to sun, dehydration, breathing with an open mouth etc. The major reason for discoloration of lips is excessive smoking. Over exposure to sun or frequent intake of coffee or tea can also cause discoloration. Now that we know why exfoliating of lips is necessary, let’s learn how to exfoliate lips at home.

Exfoliate Lips With Sugar

Sugar being a natural abrasive, can remove dead cells easily and so, it is one of the best natural skin care exfoliant. To get best results, mix equal amounts of olive oil in sugar and stir till if forms a paste. Put the mixture on your lips and leave it for a minute. After a minute, wipe off the paste with a damp cloth. Repeat the procedure for a few days.

Exfoliate Lips With Honey

Honey is one of the main ingredients in many cosmetics. The reason being hydrating capability of honey. Add a teaspoon of honey to two tablespoon of sugar. Stir the mixture till they form a paste. Apply the paste on clean lips, and leave it to dry. After the mixture dries up, wipe it off with a wet cloth. If you want some more flavor, you can add olive oil or rose water.

Exfoliate Lips With Toothbrush

What is the possible connection between toothbrush and exfoliate lips at home?  Well, a toothbrush can be used as a remedy for exfoliating lips! All you have to do is, apply a thick layer of moisturizer on the lips, stand in front of the mirror, take a toothbrush and start brushing your lips in a circular motion, but very gently! You are trying to exfoliate your lips, not scrape them! The moisturizer and the brush together will help to get rid of the dead skin, making the lips soft. Once the dead skin is removed, you do not need to repeat this method for skin care. You can use a baby toothbrush so that your lips don’t hurt.

Exfoliate Lips With Baking Soda

Add baking soda to water and form a paste. Apply the paste on the lips in a circular motion, as it will help the mixture to penetrate inside the lips. Leave the mixture on the lips for a minute and then wipe it off. The baking soda won’t moisturize the lips so remember to put lots of lip balm after this method.

Exfoliate Lips With Lemon Juice
Chapped lips can be treated best with lemon juice. Take a tablespoon of lemon juice and add one tablespoon of castor oil and glycerin in it, glycerin uses for skin are vast. Apply the mixture to the chapped lips and leave it overnight. Next morning rub off the mixture with a wet cloth. Lemon juice will remove the dead skin cells and glycerin will moisturize the lips. You can repeat this method to exfoliate lips at home, if necessary.

Exfoliate Lips With Rose Petals

Another way to exfoliate lips at home is to soak rose petals in milk, raw milk for a few hours. When the rose petals are completely soaked, make a paste out of it and apply on the chapped or dry lips. This will retain moisture and also add redness to the lips.

These were some of the easy ways to exfoliate lips at home. Along with the above remedies, also remember to follow simple things like, applying a sun screen lip balm to the lips while going out, drinking lots of water, avoid smoking etc. If you follow these rules, you will be blessed with healthy lips forever!