Great Uses for Lip Balm

1.    Tame wild eyebrows with a little lip balm. Apply it as a styling wax and stroke brows into place. Manage an unruly mustache the same way.

2.    Stop the bleeding from shaving nicks. Dab on a little lip balm and stop the bleeding from most small cuts.

3.    Protect your face from windburn. Stroke a little lip balm across your cheeks before heading down the slopes.

4.    Remove a ring that’s stuck on your finger. Smear a little lip balm around the finger in the area of the ring and work the ring off in a circular motion.

5.    Rub a little lip balm with your finger up and down the teeth of a zipper to smooth its action. Zip and unzip it a few times and the lip balm acts as a lubricant to make it slide more smoothly. Do the same on the tracks of windows and drawers to make them glide more easily.

6.    Prevent outdoor light bulbs from getting stuck in their sockets. Coat the threads with a little lip balm before setting them in to make removal easier.

7.    Make drilling screws and pounding nails easier. Put a little lip balm on nails and screws and they virtually slide into wood.