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It’s Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year! Get your sunscreen ready. In case you missed it: June 21st is the summer solstice. A solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice each year, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is most inclined toward or away from the Sun, causing the Sun’s apparent position… Read more »

Bad Breath Tips

Let’s face it, bad breath is embarrassing. The good news is that for the most part—with proper dental care—bad breath, also called halitosis, can be avoided. Maintaining good oral health is essential to reducing bad breath, as bacteria that builds up on the back of your tongue or in between your teeth is the main… Read more »

Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap and Water

Which Kills Germs the Best? To start with, it’s important to understand how soap works. Soap is an emulsifying agent, capable dispersing oil in water. When people wash their hands, dirt and germs trapped in the natural oils of the skin are lifted and suspended in water. Except for antibacterial soap, regular soap really isn’t… Read more »

Protecting kids from the sun

A sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 protects the skin from the sun. Apply one ounce of sunscreen (about the size of a ping pong ball) to all sun-exposed areas of the body. Don’t forget the ears, feet and behind the neck.

Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath, medically called [kastooltip msg=”Halitosis” tooltip=”halitosis /hal·i·to·sis/ (hal″ĭ-to´sis) offensive odor of the breath. hal·i·to·sis (h l -t s s). n. The condition of having foul-smelling breath”], can result from poor dental health habits and may be a sign of other health problems.  Bad breath can also be made worse by the types of foods… Read more »

How Well Do You Know Your Sunscreen?

Repeated exposure to the sun will have its natural consequences for your skin. The best way to protect yourself is the proper use of sunscreen. Regardless of color, skin that is repeatedly exposed to the sun tends to become tough and thick. Beyond the middle years of adulthood, the results can be even more dramatic…. Read more »

Organic Lip Balm

OraLabs is proud to introduce our new Lip Organics line Lip Balm.  For over a year, we have worked ardently with the USDA and CCOF to achieve our organic certification.  Our facility, as well as our Lip Organics, have been certified in the process. What Does That Mean? ‘Organic’ refers to how food, or related… Read more »

Avoid Germs in Public

The emergence of hand sanitizer dispensers as a part of our everyday lives is an indicator that public awareness of easily spread disease and infections has reached all-time highs.  As unappealing as it may be, the reality of our world is that escalator railings, grocery carts and the handles of a gas pump are teeming… Read more »

Great Uses for Lip Balm

1.    Tame wild eyebrows with a little lip balm. Apply it as a styling wax and stroke brows into place. Manage an unruly mustache the same way. 2.    Stop the bleeding from shaving nicks. Dab on a little lip balm and stop the bleeding from most small cuts. 3.    Protect your face from windburn. Stroke… Read more »

Recent Spike in H1N1 cases

Health officials are carefully watching a spike in cases of the pandemic H1N1 flu in the Southeastern U.S. Georgia in particular is worrisome, with 40 people admitted to hospital for the flu last week — more than in any other state, according to Anne Schuchat, MD, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and… Read more »